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King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries is a charity in media!  We started in 1992 and have had a ton of fun over the last 25 years reaching, building and activating people to make a positive difference in the world.  It’s a long story but we can also tell you the short of it! From missions trips to recording studios, radio stations and seemingly everywhere in between our goal to impact youth culture has always remained at the centre of our efforts! As a registered Canadian Charity located in Fort McMurray Alberta, we’re working to bring healthy media to our community and its families.

Here's our mission,vision, and a bit about who we strive to be in our local community and beyond:

Why are we here?


We believe that getting people and agencies talking with each other and working together is the key to a strong and healthy community.  Let’s work together to bring the Municipality of Wood Buffalo to life.



To bring good to life.



We exist to reach, equip and activate people to bring hope to the world through Media, Music, Missions and Mentorship.




We are positive – We focus on strengths not weaknesses: in people, in organizations, in our community.


We are hopeful – All things are possible.  We act from this belief and speak with expectant authority.

We are accepting -  We embrace all people.  We are welcoming non-judgmental and supportive.

We are humble - It’s not about us.  It is about the individuals, the agencies, the community.

We are daring - We believe there are lots of ways to make things better, even some ideas that haven’t been tried before.

We are faithful -  We honour our Christian roots by living lives of sacrifice to our community and its people.

Strategic Imperatives


We are a positive voice and force to and for the community, its families and its people.


We serve as a catalyst to inspire a strong community. 


We give difference makers effective outlets in which to work and volunteer.  

Hear our our founder and executive director Rick Kirschner on 91.1 The Bridge chat with JD Hunter about King's Kids in 2018.  

Where its headed, the missions arm, the recording studio and the radio station! 

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