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Support Us

King's Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries Incorporated is a registered charity with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. 

Everything we do is supported by generous people who believe in the vision that King's Kids works toward. 

Our radio station is listener supported.  If you’ve enjoyed 91.1 the Bridge and would like to support our work to "expose hope through relevant music, talk and action" you can do so online at either of the links below, or by calling us at 780-791-5911. 

We are now able to accept monthly donations through direct deposit.  We need only a void cheque, the reoccurring amount to be donated, and whether its to be given on the 1st, or 15th of each month. Please call us to set that up, at 780-791-5911


DONATE VIA CANADA HELPS (Your tax receipt will come from Canada Helps where we are registered)


DONATE VIA PayPal (Your tax receipt will come from King's Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries)

We Are So Thankful For Your Help

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our donors, granters and helpers in allowing us to continue to

Reach Build and Activate people to make a positive difference in the world! 


 We are so thankful for each individual donor and organization who have given to make this station sound great!


Here are a few of the wonderful helpers
we've received grants from:

Edmonton Community Fund

Red Cross Canada

All Saint's Anglican Church

Fort McMurray Christian Ministerial

Suncor Foundation


We couldn't accomplish so much of what we do without you!