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91.1 The Bridge

Our love for radio runs deep and began in 2002 in Peterborough Ontario. We started with KAOS 99.5, then moved to Fort McMurray in 2007 with KAOS 91.1 and now we're 91.1 The Bridge!  Our mission is to expose hope on our airwaves through music talk and action.


Community Building

We are passionate about events that bring families together. With the help of community partners, we are able to bring many annual and seasonal events to Fort McMurray. Some of these include family skates, helping with the Dunvegan Gardens Corn Maze and Giant Easter Egg Hunt, helping to bring the Global Leadership Summit to Fort McMurray, and gathering the artists and hosting the annual talent show at the festival of trees.

Community Building



The tipping point for King's Kids Promotions' creation was birthed in a small hut in a Mexico.  Since that first trip in 1989 we have taken our efforts around the world more than 20 times.  Getting to meet people from different cultures has had a profound impact on the lives we've brought with us and inspired our students to make a positive difference in the world around them. 



Rise & Build

We love making writing and recording music! Rise and Build is a song we wrote during the city wide evacuation from the Fort McMurray Wildfires.  We played it on our station and uploaded it to Noisetrade as a fundraiser to aide in recouping our losses from the fires.



After-school Program

A performing arts program featuring dance, music lessons, song writing, DJ instruction, drum demonstrations and radio workshops. Our dream is to run this in the Fort McMurray Composite High-School but we are still short a few volunteers - would you consider donating your time to help with this? (Currently running Wednesdays from 2:55-5:00)


Recording Studio

In partnership with the Fort McMurray Public School District, the studio will be a duel purpose facility, fully equipped and ideal for professional audio recording and video post production.  The plan includes a three-tiered approach: educating students in the recording arts and associated fields, providing an after-school engagement program for high risk students and, for our community focus, providing services associated with the space to local youth and the community.  The studio will be in the Fort McMurray Composite High School on King Street and is hosting a grand opening celebration on November 22, 2018..

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