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Stories from the Archives

Soon we'll have some podcasts for your listening pleasure about different things that have wowed, us, made us laugh, and completely changed our lives.  Please check back soon as we create them! 

In the mean time here are a few short stories that make us smile!

The KAOS Garage, a two year car giveaway, was a way to promote driver skills training.  Sponsored by local auto shops, cars were donated to be souped up!  This was right around the same time MTV started the show “Pimp My Ride,” so we commissioned the auto shops to do the same.  The cars were fine tuned, repainted and made superior to all other high-schooler’s cars!  Each year we sold tickets for 10.00, cut 150 keys and hosted three events throughout the year that ticket holders could try to start the car at.  Three of the keys actually started the cars.  It was so much fun to see the look on the students faces when their key proved to be the winner!

One of our events was in the mall.  We had a table set up in front of the car with our announcer broadcasting over the airwaves, and students were lined up to try their keys.  Unknown to the student whose key actually started the car was that it was a standard transmission and upon turning the ignition, the car jumped forward, terrifying our announcer and disappointing everyone still waiting in line, but good to know the car still had some life left in it!

A story that always makes us smile is the one about the reason we got into radio.  

In 2001 one of our board members, Jeremy Cross, went to New Brunswick and discovered an uplifting radio station on his rental car dial that made him want to explore media as a way to encourage youth culture.  Being passionate about King’s Kids vision to reach, build and activate young people to make a positive difference in the world and knowing that music can change a community, he presented the idea that King’s Kids get into radio to the board.  It was a resounding yes, as long as he stuck around to help with the technical/ computer side of things.  Almost two years after the request to the CRTC had been submitted, the interviews and presentations were completed, the money to set things up was secured, and the license was granted. Meanwhile, Jeremy went on one of our mission trips to Ecuador, met the missionary’s daughter and decided to stay there.  Rick was left on his own to manage the fledgling radio station.  No one told Rick that if you didn’t know anything about radio you probably shouldn’t try it, so he gallantly stepped up to the plate and KAOS 99.5 in Peterborough Ontario was born.

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